Yoga Therapy Works

with Registered Yoga Therapist 

Tracy Roberge

"This was such a unique and relaxing experience with so many benefits...thank you Tracy for taking me on cold and all. I felt the healing properties of this treatment immediately." - Jodie Hanson - The Yoga Studio of Calgary Owner and OXY Meditation Therapy Client."

Oxygen Medical Meditation Therapy

Includes the combined healing properties of 4 therapies in 1 treatment session:

  1. Oxygen Therapy-Oxygen replenishment is key to a young, fresh appearance. Rejuvenation, via increased oxygen levels, encourages healthy cell composition, mental alertness, increases physical stamina, and a boost to your immune system.
  2. LED Light Therapy-LED light therapy is a form of non-invasive, holistic energy, which stimulates structures in the skin at the cellular level. LED wavelengths have different properties, penetration depths and benefits. Research has proven that light therapy can help your body heal itself by using these different wavelengths of light. Over the course of a treatment plan, LED light improves and changes skin cells according to the properties of the different wavelengths.
  3. Thermal Therapy-Thermal (heat) energy increases and stimulates the metabolism and detoxifies the skin for healthier tissue and new cell growth. Vibration energy relaxes muscles, reduces stress, stimulates circulation and relieves pain.
  4. Guided Meditation Therapy-Guided meditations help you to achieve a state of deep inner stillness, so that your mind can be cleared of clutter and unwanted thoughts, and then filled with vivid visualization experiences that effect positive personal changes.


Weight loss, Meditation, Wound Healing, Insomnia, Energy, Balance, Pain Relief, Depression and Anxiety, Stress Relief, Skin Care, Wound Healing, Detox, Relaxation...just to name a few.

This treatment is offered at Braeside Medical Center at 111, 1919 Southland Drive SW, Calgary, AB

This treatment is not suitable for individuals with high blood pressure, metal/titanium implants (small metal screws acceptable) or who may be pregnant. If you are on antibiotics, please advise your therapist as your skin may be sensitive and adjustments can be made for the treatment.