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Tracy Roberge

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04 Mar - 22 Apr




The Yoga Studio of Calgary

REGISTERED 8 Week Yoga Nidra for Sleep and Relaxation

VIRTUAL event from your own home - slip right into sleep!

Yoga Nidra offers many amazing health benefits; soothes the nervous system, calms the mind, relaxes and rejuvenates the body, reduces fatigue, lowers high cholesterol and blood pressure levels, strengthens immunity, treats depression, reduces pain, supports brain function and boosts creativity. In addition to improving quality of also helps you fall asleep too!

Each class will introduce some basic education on Yoga Nidra, and a slightly different practice focus to allow you to progress and connect with you! Included is access to the recorded class for 1 week, so you can continue to practice in-between classes. Get the ongoing support, rest and sleep you need and deserve.

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10 Apr | 1-3PM


Yoga Therapy Works

Yoga for Digestive Health

Have you ever been under pressure, or had to make a "gut wrenching" decision? If so, then you've experienced some of the effects stress can have on the digestive system. This workshop will highlight the overall importance of the digestive system for our emotional and physical well-being and balance, and give you suggested poses to help with discomfort.

**A few copies of Tracy's book "What the Heck's for Breakfast" will be available for purchase or you can order (hard copy) HERE

More information at [email protected] or Register HERE


24 Apr



Myofascial Release Workshop - Are you achy and sore throughout your day? Then this workshop is for you!

This 2 hour workshop will promote independence through proper techniques to release discomfort in the body, with the use of movement and myofascial release balls. You will learn proper body mechanics, self treatment instruction, and over time with the use of these techniques, experience enhancement of strength, improved flexibility and postural and movement awareness.

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On-Line Workshop

Information HERE

Gentle Yoga In Studio & ON-LINE

Mondays 9:15-10:30AM 

On-Line Yoga Class pass required

Sign up HERE: The Yoga Studio of Calgary

Restorative Yoga In Studio & ON-LINE

Mondays 11:00-12:15AM

On-Line Yoga Class pass required

Sign up HERE: The Yoga Studio of Calgary

Mixed/Gentle Yoga In Studio & ON-LINE

Tuesdays 12:30-1:45PM

Drop in $20 OR Included in Yoga Therapy Works On-Line Membership

Sign up HERE: Yoga Therapy Works

Mixed/Gentle Yoga ON-LINE

Thursdays 9:30-10:30AM

Drop in $20 OR Included in Yoga Therapy Works On-Line Membership

Sign up HERE: Yoga Therapy Works

**Various times may be available for Private Yoga Therapy

Assessments and private sessions can now be accommodated On-Line.

 Contact Tracy for details at 403-918-6537

On-Line Workshops and Products HERE

Class Descriptions

Mixed Level - An all levels class. Modifications of the poses are encouraged to meet a person’s needs.

Restorative - A therapeutic practice beneficial for those with chronic ailments or those who wish to reduce stress & replenish energy.

Gentle - Gentle movements to reduce stiffness & improve range of motion; using props to facilitate movement.

Monthly On-Line Yoga Therapy Works Membership

Your On-Line Membership includes:

  • Access to new pre-recorded weekly Mixed Level/Gentle yoga classes
  • Learn and explore Pranayama (Breathing) techniques
  • Access to meditation practices to help you stay present and mindful
  • Guided Restorative Classes 
  • Guest teachers to spice things up
  • Access to ask questions and get assistance on setting up your home practice
  • Be the first to hear about some amazing on-line workshops in the coming months, including yoga for arthritis, digestive health, pelvic floor and chair yoga!
  • FREE access to LIVE Zoom Virtual Tuesday & Thursday class - the Tuesday class is also recorded so if you can't attend you'll have access in the pre-recorded library at your convenience.
  • FREE access to Tuesdays in studio class if you wish to attend in person

Membership $47.25 per month

Monthly Membership HERE

Discover Yoga on Campus

Stay tuned for future Schedule 2021

Contact Tracy for details


Chair Yog​a for Seniors

Revera Retirement Living Scenic Acres

Open to all Scenic Acres Revera Residents

Contact Tracy for Details


What our customers are saying

"Tracy is an amazing yoga instructor! I attended small group, mixed level classes with her and she was excellent in teaching proper form and technique. She customized for each participant’s skill level and she created lesson plans specific to our personal needs each week. I’ve taken many large group beginner and intermediate yoga classes but never learned as much as from my classes with Tracy. I definitely benefited in flexibility and strength from her classes. Highly recommend."

Grace McKay - Yoga Client